VTT is proud to announce the successful acceptation on to the JOSCAR accreditation register, effective 12th February 2021

The JOSCAR (the Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) is strictly invite-only and requires successful completion of a qualification process. The JOSCAR is a central register of approved suppliers within the aerospace, defence and security industries.

As an impartial multi-technology applied reasearch organisation, VTT develops next generation pre-commercial proof-of-concepts, functional prototypes and demonstrators (medium TRL) for various triple-use technology applications (civil-security-defence and vice versa). Examples include Cyber security, Space, Arctic environment, Surveillance applications, Lifecycle management and sustainability, Communication technologies and CBRN protection and synthetic biology.

We are very pleased that VTT has satisfied all of the requirements to become fully registered on the JOSCAR register.

- Aslak Siljander, VTT’s Customer Account Lead in Aerospace and Defence

Joscar logo

"The JOSCAR Registration Mark is highly valued by some of the largest purchasers in the defence community and indicates that our organisation has gone through the process required to demonstrate our commitment and credentials to the industry - VTT is fit for business!", says Aslak Siljander.